My New Portfolio

Hi guys! I just am going to take a quick second to plug my new portfolio. Check it out!


Max Payne 3 Billboard

The new Max Payne video billboard looks cool graphically but lately I’ve been noticing that the painters haven’t been adding as much detail into the work. It seems that ever since they took down the ad for “Puss in Boots” that they got sloppy. Oh well, it’s great to see these hand-painted advertisements still part of the downtown scene.

The Future of Ordering Fast Food

The new way to order food at Jack in the Box – you don’t even have to talk to a clerk. BTW, I couldn’t resist the mini churros, great POT advertisement that works! (except, I regret eating them now!)

“The Dictator” Murals Loom Over Downtown L.A.

I love these hand painted murals painted on the Figueroa Building in Downtown L.A.. Fortunately for me, I live close by and can always see when something new comes up. The latest installment: an ad for Sasha Baren Cohen’s new film, “The Dictator”. Enjoy.ImageImageImageImageImage

Swiffer’s “Show Me” Product Display

I grew up in the “Show Me” state so this Swiffer product display caught my eye. Though it can’t show you how well it can clean, putting the product in it’s intended environment makes it all the more enticing at the point of sale.

Google and Wikipedia Rally to Save the Web

How dangerous are the new bills that would increase censorship in America really? Read about it and watch an info-video here.

1. Hearts of the Human Race

2. United in Solidarity, United in Bondage

3. Unhate

4. The Reinvention of the Family

5. Little Devil?

6. Breastfeeding

7. Horse Mount

8. Protection at the Olympics

9. All Created Equal

10. Different, But Same Among Us

What does it mean? Can you tell Benetton is clothing company? Their willingness to send these provocative images out in the biosphere has thrust this once small, Italian clothing company into the spot light. At the center of their message is one of unity. We are all one race so why can’t we be like the horses where it doesn’t matter what color you are? Stamping out racism fashionably has been part of Benetton’s mission since at least the 1980s.

Now they are under fire for a series of ads featuring prominent world leaders kissing. They titled the campaign, “Unhate” to inspire our nations to put aside their differences and find peace. So far, the pope has already asked for the ad to be removed calling it an “unacceptable humiliation.” Hopefully the Vatican can understand the intent behind the advertisement and rally behind the cause instead of impeding upon this intellectual social revolution that often needs shock and awe to gain momentum. The world will watch as the other world figures photoshopped into the lip-locking campaign have yet to comment.