El Jimador Ad

Let’s be frank. This is not the first post on my blog. This blog has been sitting around on cyberspace since November with a half-deleted post about the El Jimador billboard that I fell in love with after seeing it above the 405 exit ramp on the way home that long ago. Its intricate yet refreshingly modern pattern constructed from yellow and black organic swirls caught my eye and inspired me to write a blog about my favorite advertisements.

I did and I failed. One of my best friends read it and awkwardly paused before convincing me that I had ripped off the formula from one of my favorite blogs, “More Design Please.” It was true and I was embarrassed. Now I’m trying to sound very cool as I write my first blog post but I’m sure I’m mimicking the voice from the movie I just saw, “Easy-A;” which even sounded like a copy of something else – oh well. I’m sure I’ll find my own voice in my future posts but for now I’ll have to settle for this slightly jaded, slightly thinks-its-oh-so-clever voice that I hear in my head. After all, this blog is all about advertising and misleading appearances… or is it?


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