Fresh Take on Hulu’s Tailored Ad Experience

Hulu has been trying out a new tailored ad experience that just got “newer.” While watching shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report you’ll come across the option to watch the usual way with the regularly scheduled ad interruptions or you can opt out and play a game!

Nintendo DS’s promotion for their new game, “Professor Layton and the Last Spector” involves viewers in a fresh campaign that allows them to solve a sponsored maze or play a matching game in order to dodge watching a mundane stream of video commercials.

For people watching shows like Desperate Housewives, they may come across the ability to watch one long commercial in lieu of three commercial breaks. Chase Bank offers such a program for their new sapphire card. Other advertisers, like Chevy Silverado have offered viewers a choice between watching one video or an alternate.

Combined with Hulu’s option to give feedback about whether or not a commercial about baby diapers or a shoot-‘em-up video game is relevant to the consumer shows that online advertising will provide for a definitively different ad experience than traditional television has in the past.

…And that’s a welcome trend considering Hulu decided commercial breaks can now consist of three ads!

The following  screenshots display the Nintendo DS sponsored message allowing viewers to play a promotional puzzle for the new game, Professor Layton and the Last Spector, instead of watching the regularly schedule three commercial breaks.

The following screenshots display the message from Chase Bank allowing viewers to opt out of the regular ad experience by watching one long advertisement.


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