9 Engaging Ways to Use QR Codes

1. Outdoor Advertising

Although nearly impossible to actually scan with a smart phone, this enormous QR code definitely demands attention.

2. Selling Real Estate

Save time for house hunters with a QR code. They won’t have to struggle to remember or jot down the email address or phone number in a hurry!

3. Employee Satisfaction

I thank the Barcoding Blog for this snippet of information! The Best Buy corporate office posted signs like these around the office to allow employees to share their moods. Apparently, they collect the data and determine is a certain section of the office is doing worse due to any number of reasons ranging from management to architecture. Sounds like a great way to keep up with your employees!


4. Business Cards

Not only does this clear up a lot of space on the card for a fresh, minimalist design – it looks really cool!

5. Construction Walls!

Disney has always been a haven for creative thinkers but look at what the imagineers working under the mouse have come up with now! The QR codes provide park guests with fun trivia and facts about the park while the wall hides the construction mess. I also very much enjoy how they fit their characters’ faces into the design of the code.

6. Store Banners

Who doesn’t want a special deal while shopping at one of their favorite stores.

7. Organic Information

While browsing through Home Depot in the plant nursery you might need to know more than whether or not a plant can handle the blistering sun or the cool shade. These QR codes lead to site packed with every bit of information you could want about said plant!

8. Fun Design

Macy’s QR code looks bright and whimsical as it carry’s their star logo and brings the design out of the box!

9. Philanthropy

What better than to use a new, trendy technology to “up” your company’s public profile. Supporting our troops boosts Heinz reputation with ketchup fans while providing a fun way to get in on the action and donating to charity.


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