If Advertisers Used Cinemagraphs…

Cinemagraphs have an eerie yet charming way of adding motion to photographs. Subjects are frozen in time as their hair and clothes rustle in the wind. The artist who make these creations which look like they came straight out of a Harry Potter movie demonstrate great talent and grace and not to mention patience while getting these done.

I’ve taken the liberty of adding some familiar brand names with slogans to some of the cinemagraphs I found on the internet. Now I know that the artist might object and cry fowl as I bastardize their truly precious masterpieces for a feigned commercial project but my intentions are good. I wish advertisers would try out this technique instead of slapping the ugly ads often made in flash on the side of my computer screen!

You’ll find the original artwork for all the cinemagraphs at the bottom of the post. Thank you to the artist for their beautiful creations. If you are the orignal owner of the work and do not feel comfortable with me posting them, please let me know and I will begrudgingly take them down – I think they look really neat!

New York City Subway, MTA

Coca Cola, Enjoy Fresh

Check out the originals below without the logos and copy that I added.

Coke, Coca Cola


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