Boots Hits Bricks

Tall, dark, and handsome? Not quite, but the charming Puss in Boots recently has been turning heads at the intersection of Figueroa and Olympic in downtown Los Angeles. The painted mural features three shots of the flirtatious feline who graced the silver screen this weekend with the number one movie according to box office sales. Puss in Boots has earned 34.1 million from ticket receipts since it opened on October 28. Meow!

“Fear me if you dare.” – P. ‘n B.

Look for the brush strokes and brick outlines. Though the Puss in Boots film may be crafted digitally, this advertisement is not made by modern means. Rather, this hand-painted advertisement gleans as a throwback to a time before we did everything with buttons and clicks. You can’t get much more quintessentially quaint than a hand-painted mural. Thanks Dreamworks!

“En garde!” – P. ‘n B.

“Allow me to explain. When a man falls in love with a woman, he is overcome with powerful urges…” – P. ‘n B.

“No prolema, boss – in one of my nine cat lives I was the great cat burglar Santiago de Compostela!” – P. ‘n B.

“Some people just don’t understand boundaries.” – P. ‘n B.

“Who dares enter my room?” – P. ‘n B.

Dyeing for more Puss in Boot Quotes? Don’t waste one of your nine lives. Read ’em up here:


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