Unlikely Spokespersons

I couldn’t help but notice a strange trend in spokespersons for the most unlike products. Amy Sedaris has made a name for herself with goofy, off-color comedies yet she got picked up to endorse the new Downey Unstopables. From mean to clean, the actress formerly starring as a former boozer and prostitute now teaches domestic stay-at-homes how to brighten their shirts and skirts with the detergent that’s like a cheerleader on caffeine.

Equally surprising is Clairol’s decision to use Angela Kinsey to promote their Nice n’ Easy hair care products. Though the comedian made me laugh quite a lot with her role as a reserved, condescending, and cynical sales agent on The Office, her new role as the bright and sparkly hair expert seemed odd. She does a great job but I’m still dumbfounded by the casting agent’s choice to risk it with her, given her role on the office.

Here you can see Angela Kinsey in her role on The Office

Here’s the trailer for Amy Sedaris’s Strangers with Candy


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