Does This Lighting Make Me Look Fat?

GE rolls out a line of blueish tinted bulbs they say will make your room look brighter.

Philips appeals to the nostalgic at heart with amber toned lights for a warm and cozy feel.

If it’s a brighter smile you’re seeking look no further than the lighting section at your local home improvement store. By simply purchasing GE’s new blue-tinted bulbs, you can oust those yellowing hues from your home and reignite your megawatt, toothy grin. But wait… does that new light sink your home’s hues into a cold and depressive dump? If you begin suffering from feelings of withdrawal and loneliness, nothing soothes the spirit more than the Philips amber tone light. Yes, these mood-enhancing bulbs actually boost one’s confidence and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Confused? So was I.

The opposition is clear. Will consumers go for the cold and shiny GE light or the nostalgic tones of the Philips bulb? Time will only tell, but maybe the closer in the deal lies with which product will make consumers look their best, their youngest, and their most thin. It seems like there are pros and cons for each lighting scenario. Personally I feel that the blueish and bright GE light takes away the charm and splendor of old-school incandescent bulbs. GE’s new lighting scheme makes it feel like the whole room is under the digital glow of a laptop screen; Not exactly the kind of lighting that seems particularly inspiring or comforting. However, I must say the advertisers for GE took a difficult product to sell and made its freshness and newness appealing.


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