Rebels with a Cause

Now Is our Time

Never before have I seen such a varied collection of ads with strong messages calling us to join in a revolutionary spirit. The images are evocative with gritty snap-shot and black and white photography, inspiring pyrotechnics, and a sophisticated juxtaposition of urban streets and vehicular luxury. Levi calls us to rise up. Kenneth Cole urges us to end the war and support marriage equality. Chrysler prods us to keep our chins up and keep working hard. And, Ray Ban tells us to be ourselves. This is an interesting example where advertising can function not only to sell an image but also weave itself into our social and political thought.

In war Is is Who's Right or Who's Left? Where Do You Stand

Those Against Same-Sex Marriage Aren't Thinking Straight (Or Are They?), Where Do You Stand

Is the Person Most At Risk the One With The Gun? Where Do You Stand

A Car for the Person You Set Out to Become

When You've Been Through Hell, You Tend to Appreciate Heaven

Luxury Feels Better Earned

America the Beautiful Maker of Cars

America the Beautiful Maker of Cars

Imported from Detroit


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