Dancing Hand Commercials

I selected these commercials because they lend a hand to the crafty nature of advertising. The blast from the past bath tissue spot for Aurora features a hand that looks like a crafty reincarnation of Norma Desmond. Adorned with big flashy eyelashes and a big, feather boa, this hand glamorizes toilet time for an era when visiting the bathroom was a very unspeakable act. Her fun twirls and jumps make this on screen finger circus a dazzling delight that appeals to the inner diva inside all of us. Deep down, we most all wish we were royalty with the finest in everything. Why not appeal to this notion when urging us to buy for where it matters most?

In the same realm of tinsel town frivolity and moulin rouge mystique, Chanel offers up a whole line-up of tap dancing fingers that sparkle for their new line of nail polish. While still capturing our attention with handy digits that can shuffle and high-kick, Chanel takes us away from Arora’s vision of old hollywood and into the sexy cabaret bars where a little tease can excite an evening. Girls craving that romanticized, center-of-attention spot light will hopefully respond well to this spot, at least for the sake of the advertisers.

As for me, I thoroughly enjoyed stumbling upon these extremely classy and enchanting spots that truly showcase the dexterity of the advertisers’ imagination!



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