10 Best Online Christmas Ads

1. Target

2. Zazzle

3. Macy’s

4. Alaska Airlines

5. 50 Words for Snow – Kate Bush

6. Burberry

7. 25 Days of Christmas – ABC Family

8. Tree Hugger Holiday Gift Guide

9. Epic Play

10. Barnes & Noble

Deck the halls with the best and worst in holiday advertising from your friends at the brands with a craving for the yuletide. I say “best and worst” because you’ll find many of these ads to be surprisingly less inspiring than the title of this post would imply. While the first Target spot shows a lot of innovation as the crazy, Christmas-shopper lady breaks the third wall and interacts with the play button for her video, the rest of these advertisements were pulled out of the dump of the internet.

The graphics for Zazzle, ABC Family, Alaska Airlines, and Burberry do reflect a lot of Christmas nostalgia but they don’t expand upon it in any truly memorable way.

2011 needs some sparkle and polish because the creative geniuses behind the ads left their creative juices at home to spoil in the fridge. We can only hope that 2012 will be better. With all the hype over the end of the world, maybe it would be great to go out with a big BANG.


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