Book Store Commercial

What a clever way to draw attention to your little bookstore. The owners of “Type” in Toronot have managed to put their creative forces together to create a darling little stop-motion video that brings books to life.


Happy Friday the 13th!

3 Best “Real” Beauty Campaigns

1. Dove Evolution

This ad sparked a new campaign and marked a change where companies acknowledged that hollywood beauty is often not natural, but manufactured.

2. Bald Barbie is Beautiful

This video highlights growing pressure on Mattel to introduce a new bald Barbie to help ease the pain of cancer treatments.

3. Fotoshop for Beauty

This video satirizes the industry and pokes fun at how much photoshop is used to alter beauty.

Joys of Christmas Past

Oh, the joys of Christmas past. Now that 2012 has fallen upon us I find myself seriously lacking in my posting ability and lagging very much so in posting the unique advertisements I found this holiday season. If you’ll forgive me for being late, you’ll find this Target ad to be quite delightful! The aesthetic takes a fresh take on the modern illustrations of the 1950s. The crispness and flatness combined with happy-go-lucky feel of the piece make it a pleasure to view while waiting at the intersection of Olympic and Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles.

ARRrrgg! Walk the Plank!

This San Francisco subway station wowed travelers with a 3D ad experiences as people walked into the world of pirates. The vinyl floor covering made it look as if the sweet blue waters of the caribbean had rushed down the hallway. While the experience of seeing this ad in person would definitely create a fun photo-op I think it has so much more potential. What if the hallway had been made to look like an actual location in the story of the film?

Thank you for sharing this.

Nielsen’s Tops of 2011: Advertising

Thanks to my friend Teresa I discovered the Nielsen’s most liked commercial list. To get on the list you can’t get by with just views and thumbs up from Youtube. These commercials represent the most appreciated spots running during their time. To find out more about this survey check out the bottom of this post.

1. Volkswagen’s Darth Vader

I still snap my fingers at intersection with the wacky thought that just maybe I can overpower the red light to turn green. Here’s a commercial for all those with magical yearnings that didn’t die with the passing of their childhood. May the force be with you Volkswagen.

2. Oreos Father’s Day

Not all father’s are fumbling idiots. Oreo gives us a breath of fresh air with an uplifting commercial that doesn’t make the ole’ household patriarch look like a fool for a cheap laugh. Kudos Oreo, Kudos.

3. Hallmark Recordable Books

Hallmark makes me want to be a dad with this one. Watch it, you’ll see…

4. Shaun White for St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Shaun White’s awkward laughter doesn’t totally ruin this inspiring commercial for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. However, I’m surprised to see it as number four, or even in the top 10 for that matter!

5. California Cows Vs. Mom Jeans

I need one of these sassy California Cows to tell my mom a thing or two about those not-so-trendy-mom-belts. I guess I should be grateful that at least she doesn’t wear mom jeans. Thank you California Cows for adding some attitude to my deli sandwich cheese.

6. Doritos and Licking Other People’s Fingers

Weird.  but funny.

7.  Target’s Gecko Halloween Costume

This crafty little kid pulls a fast one on the unsuspecting neighborhood folk with his super-extraordinary gecko suction cup hands! The power to grab all the candy in the jar at once is MINE! Right on Target!

8. M&M’s Afraid of Mr. Hungry Eyes

The laws of attraction work differently when you’re a pretzel and M&M. Would you rather be eaten by a seductive lady or Mr. Hungry Eyes?

9. Marie Calendars Teams Up With Redi Whip

I always find that the holiday kids table is more fun! Maybe that’s because I have such a big family that none of my close cousins have graduated from it either.

10. Pepsi Music Icons

Where there’s pepsi, there’s music? Pepsi makes a parade out of their pop-star icons for a blended together commercial with a pepped up feel. Still, I always struggle with the fact that Britney endorsed Pepsi. As a fellow southerner I insist we stick with Coke!

Survey Details: Data from January 1, 2011 – November 30, 2011. Broadcast Prime. Only new ad executions considered. The Likeability Score is the percentage of TV viewers who report to like “a lot” an ad they were exposed to during the normal course of viewing TV (among those recalling the brand of the ad). These scores are then indexed against the mean score for all new ads during the period (Likeability Index). 100 equals average.

Sherlock and Holmes

Check out the cool mural advertisement for the new Sherlock and Holmes movie.