Unusually Organic Settings for Diamonds

Flowers, Diamonds

Usually diamond advertisements take a generic approach to displaying their sparkling rings but these five campaigns get bonus points for taking it somewhere extra. My favorite is the De Beers campaign that laces soft, pink flowers through their diamond rings creating the ultimate feminine image of grace, beauty, and prestige.

Chess Piece, Queen, King


Fabric Ribbon Tie Knot

Next on my list is the campaign by Tacori. This series was featured in a few wedding magazines and specifically catered to the modern woman. The queen chess piece standing beside a fallen king would ordinarily signal defeat during game play. However, I think the message being conveyed is more about a marriage where the conventional idea of what it means to be husband and wife has becomes obsolete. If this ring appeals to women’s independent sides then I’m in full support. The other advertisements included in the Tacori campaign feature a more organic set of images that relate it to the ones featuring flowers also in my post.

Strawberries, Criss Cut, Diamonds

Lily Flowers and Diamonds

Paper Flowers and Diamonds


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